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I practice nutritional medicine based on a holistic approach that uses food in the prevention and treatment of many conditions, both chronic and acute. I follow the principle that whole foods and dietary changes are the first step in the treatment of most cases.

I believe in giving everyone the information and the tools they need to take control of their health and well-being. I enjoy working closely with clients to educate, support and motivate them in their journey through many different mediums (face-to-face, skype, phone and email). This means I am never too far away to address any questions or concerns, because I understand that making necessary dietary changes can often be a challenging experience.

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Nutrition is the science that interprets the interaction of nutrients in food in relation to health and disease. Nutritional Medicine is based on the principle that nutrients, including essential micronutrients, are required for the proper functioning of all the biochemical processes on which our bodies depend.

When treating symptoms or diseases, nutritionists treat the person as a whole, looking for the underlying causes of a patient’s presenting symptoms and work to bring balance back to the body.

The right nutrition can help prevent disease and promote optimal health.